Pensive and Poetic

miserable broken angel with tattered wings and a shattered heart

don’t you remember that you were created as a work of art

your cheekbones are like thin blades jutting out and your skin like ice

don’t you remember that people always wanted to look twice

sad crying angel with arms encircling knees drawn to your chest

don’t choose to dwell on the negative, recall all the rest

your soul is in disrepair and your scars are on the mend

every day is a testament to your will to be well again

heartwrenching little angel with fragile birdlike bones

don’t listen to the people who throw words and looks like stones

your smile brings joy and your laugh peals like great bells

I wonder about the awful moment when your pride truly fell

tired frail beautiful angel, can I convince you that it’s true?

if I told you now how much love there is on this earth for you?”




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