haunted expression, hollow heart, fragmented soul

vibrancy gone, motivation lost, things the devil stole

why is it so dark

it’s like staring down into a tunnel; into an abyss that will swallow you up if you get too close

raging depression, consuming anxiety, constant despair

excruciating pain, total apathy, gasping for air

I feel so much fear

it’s as if I’m being gripped by the throat by chilling, bony fingers with all the strength in the world

torrid emotions, aching bones, empty smile

dsathly cold, lifeless bones, shadowed eyes

am I irreparable

is there fixing something so damaged, so neglected, so beyond help, and begging to be left alone

tatered wings, ragged face, lacking love

tearstained cheeks, broken spirit, looking above

all those millions of stars

each one unique, vital, integral, and bright like a sparkling gem set divinely in the sky

a spark of hope flares

it burns and flickers like an ember, reflecting and mirroring that endless map of constellations

bur it has no direction; no destination

and so it is lost

dethroned angel, stealthy lies, barbed words

drowning slowly, endless falling, flightless bird

my plea for help goes unheard”


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