Ain’t No Rest for the Wick(ED)

Well, I’m up again. They came in to take my vitals and they were pretty awful again, but they’re not going to do fluids at the moment because they didn’t seem to be helping anymore. One thing they are going to do is change my IV, since it’s become compromised overnight. The team for that should come in about an hour. 

Pretty much the only positive parts of this shift so far have been the staff and the fact that I didn’t pass out like my last first night here (yay? 🎉) Hoping that with the end of the shift I get to go on my monitored walk and see the sunrise. Maybe I’ll get some pictures.

I made this napkin during the little sit I took at the nurse’s station last time I couldn’t sleep. It’s a sentimental thing, really, and a ton of positivity and light go out to all my readers who ever got such a napkin, especially if it was one of mine. It’s pretty bland since I had my half-asleep brain and only a pen to work with, but all the same.

 Much love and wishing myself much sleep 💕😂


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