Finally (Somewhat) Free!

Well, after much dispute between nurses of varying degrees of competency and a long day stuck in bed with nothing to do, I was able to finally advocate for myself and am now coming to you live from the world’s most gigantic wheelchair. Seriously, this thing must be like a two seater (there’s literally two seating pads stitched together). For the rest of the evening until the morning, I’m able to be in the group room to watch the game, use the internet, or participate in various group activities, and I quote “from a seated position. If we see you standing, we will return you to bedrest.” Never has there been such a reason for my butt to stay glued to a chair. My primary care team will reevaluate me in the morning, as will my nurse for the day, and I’ll update you all on where I’m at with that as I find out information. 

Today has been a rough day up until now. It’s not really going to get much better at this point, but at least it wasn’t a total wash. Still looking into places to go that are better alternatives to here. Suggestions welcome, seriously. Alcott feels more like Alcatraz (or just plain hell) right now. The Harry Potter nerd in me is also loving that Alcatraz is recognized as an official word. But anyways.


Go Broncos? Go Panthers? Who the heck cares? Go adorable, cute, funny commercials, and may the better team (who the Pats would have and should have had the opportunity to soundly trounce) win! And much love ❤


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