Fiery Angel

Effervescent sparkles twist and then wend in the air

Reaching out a hand, palm proffered, as if to catch one

But through my outstretched fingers they slip

Like the amber sands of passing time

Remember the days when you were mine?

If I close my eyes, colors spiral and juxtapose

A rainbow kaleidoscope of beauty just for me

I open my eyes to all shades of grey and darkness

Like the fleeting happiness I feel

Remember when we were so real?

A ballerina of glass turns circles in a room

Performing for a nonexistent, blank audience

I have birdlike bones and slim features

On observation, I’m skeletal

Like a macabre puppet from above

Darling, recall when we lost our love?

The room is set ablaze and tongues of flame reach out

I watch them with wonderment, wishing that they could speak

Like a devil in self intention

Sweetheart, I need your intervention

Wispy cirrus clouds spread across the horizon

To my eyes they were shattered and feathered wings

Now dark harbingers of darkness take their places

The sunlight bends to a shadowy overture

Like the future takes over the past

Oh, my love, why, why couldn’t we last?


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