Cloudy Skies, Tearful Eyes

Sunlight filters through the window, creating warmth in my veins

I am temporarily content and free from the pain

Colors of light streak across the glass and the floor

And I do not fear a life lived in the shadows anymore

But bright sunshine fades just as quickly as it appears

And my hopes disappear, replaced by my ever constant fears

Anxiety settles in my bones, with familiar chills

For all I try to be free, my disorder holds me still

I close my eyes and attempt to numb myself to the cold

But I feel no relief and my bones and my will fold

My skin turns to ice but my thoughts are ablaze

Despite that I’m now viewing the world through a foggy haze

The kaleidoscope of colors is now a muted palette of grey

And I begin to lose my faltering will to keep my demons at bay

Shadows start to perforate through my shield, each like a knife

Lost is my former desire to take back the control of my life

This is how each day of my existence begins and ends

Desperate, a small, piteous cry for any help I send

Hoping that someone will hear it and come to rescue me

And perhaps understand how truly incapable I am of seeing

Just how in need of real intervention I genuinely am

Please, I’m begging you, take this fight out of my hands.


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