Already Awake at Alcott

And applying alliteration awesomely.


Okay, seriously, now I’m stopping.

… Thursday morning, rain is falling…

It’s a pretty dreary Thursday morning. It’s not actively raining here at the moment, but it’s still really cloudy and sort of misty out. I don’t mind; it suits my mood perfectly.

I have to have blood work done this morning, go into breakfast with a default meal plan, and deal with a lot of lacking surety this morning. Hopefully my team stays largely the same and I can get through the day with relatively few speed bumps, because last night was admittedly really rough. I got hysterical waiting for my things, and felt terribly alone. I questioned whether being back here was the right thing for me. I’m still questioning that, and I still feel sort of isolated. But today is a new day and I at least need to give this the chance it’s worth, since I worked so hard to be given the chance to come back here. I’m just in a really low mood right now. Maybe that will change, unlike the weather outside.

Much love ❤



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