Back at Alcott

Currently waiting for all of my stuff to be searched through and given to me so that I can feel like I’ve finally returned. Honestly? I’m sort of missing the hospital right now. I feel terribly alone here, and the staff there and the routine had started to feel really familiar. It was just too much, though. But we’ll see how this pans out. Right now I’m waiting to take a shower and then I hope to contact a few people to check in with before maybe just going to bed for the night. I don’t really want to deal with last snack, since they’ll put me on the default meal plan and I won’t eat it. I’m not hungry. Again, though, we’ll have to see. I’m mostly just exhausted and feeling lonely and anxious right now. Maybe tomorrow morning it’ll be better. Maybe. I don’t want to become one of those people who’s never satisfied with anything. Much love. 


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