Girl Made of Glass

little fragile girl

letting time pass

arms wound tight across your body like you’re holding yourself together

a cast iron grip

little fragile girl

in front of a glass

looking into its reflective depths causes bad luck for a lifetime

images that lie

little fragile girl

are you worried

the lines in your forehead tied together like an unyielding knot

light gone from your gaze

little fragile girl

why do you hurry

to shy away into the shadows for all time 

tears in your eyes

little fragile girl

you are silent

because voices sing menacingly in your head forever and ever

a haunting melody

little fragile girl

why are you quiet

letting those songs tear you apart line by line

a heartrending chorus

little fragile girl

 I wish you knew

all the beautiful things about who you are that you forgot

selective memory loss

little fragile girl

I wish I wasn’t you

that I didn’t have this aching feeling I might never

vanquish my demons



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