Waiting on Walden to Change

Well, as of right now, I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. My paperwork is being faxed over to Walden, the inpatient facility where I came from, but they may not have a bed open for me yet despite the fact that I’m medically stable. So that potentially means more meals I’m not ready for. More heart monitors yelling at me for apparently brushing my teeth with too much vigor (so much for good hygiene?). More johnnies and hospital beds. More lying around without my peers. And less of my recovery in my own hands.

Here’s hoping the news changes. I desperately hope it does. Anyways, I have half an hour until lunch is served to me with the new increases I can’t wait to hate. I’ll update this again afterwards or as soon as I know more. Much love, and thank you for the continual, incredible encouragement, no matter how negative or beaten down I get along this journey. 💜


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