Today Might Be the Day!

Happy Monday, everyone! (has a stranger sentence ever been said? Probably not)

I’m in a relatively good mood this morning despite the approximately .000001 hours of sleep I received because today I might be headed back to inpatient treatment, meaning that I would officially be medically stable enough to start taking this battle back into my own hands.

The staff here is wonderful and kind and amazing; don’t get me wrong. But this is my fight, and I need to be able to do at it my own pace and on my own terms. Plus, there’s no real therapeutic element here. I also kind of sort of miss wearing actual clothes instead of some (admittedly the most fashionable I’ve encountered) standard hospital johnny and pants day in and day out. And, last but certainly not least, I MISS ALL MY FRIENDS AT INPATIENT ❤ I hope to see you all sooner than soon. Fingers, toes, eyes, arms, legs, whatever it takes, crossed that I get the good news and clearance at some point this afternoon!

Time to  head back to my room to await my 8:30 cup of coffee post vitals and phlebotomy work and all that good stuff that comes with treatment… plus a healthy dose of good natured sarcastic humor and a yawn or two.

Much love, as always 💜 


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