“You Don’t Look Anorexic”

“You don’t look #anorexic.”

“You could stand to lose some weight.”

“Isn’t this delicious looking?”

“But you look so happy.”

“I thought you had to be really thin.”

“Why aren’t you eating?”

“You’re in such great shape.”

“Why aren’t you skinnier, like in the movies and pictures?”

“You’re just slim.”

“You’re just trying to be like the people in magazines.”

“You mean you don’t like food?”

“I don’t like eating much either.”

“I hate to eat that too.”

“I wish that I could be thinner, but I love eating too much.”

“You just want attention.”

“Is that even a real thing?”

My anorexia is as real as I am. And it hurts more than all of these statements and questions ever could, multiplied infinitely. Anorexia doesn’t have one body type or one look or one stereotypical victim. And it’s deadly.

Never forget that.


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