Not Quite Super Bowl Sunday

Today’s Sunday, which brings with it a lot of things. So I’ve decided to make a list.

  1. I feel massively depressed today
  2. I miss my friends, UMass, and my old life without my eating disorder being my constant companion
  3. I’m excited that today could be my last full day in the hospital
  4. I’m anxious about breakfast
  5. I’m hopelessly lost without the Pats playing in the Super Bowl
  6. I don’t want to watch the Pro Bowl; it’s like a consolation prize the likes of thinking you’re getting a million dollars for Christmas and actually getting a piece of paper with “dollar” written on it a million times
  7. I slept better last night, but woke up very early, so I’m exhausted
  8. I’m hoping today will end better than it begins, especially since it’s the last official day of January
  9. I really want this list to have 10 items, just like how I wish it would snow like in the picture I picked for this post.
  10. Now it does.

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