The Good, The Bad, And the Johnnies

Well, here’s to an interesting morning. I had to finish another round of supplement which made me incredibly nauseous, anxious, guilty, and angry, but I’m here to leave. I’m not here to stay. So I just have to do that once more in an hour and then challenge myself to do 100% at dinner with real solid food. It’s so counterintuitive, but knowing that kind of progress won’t be expected of me elsewhere since I’m nowhere near that level with my mind or body is reassuring. I also asked how long I might be expected to stay, and the given estimate was a week.

After that I got to wash my hair, which was an adventure and a half. I now smell delicious, but got my IV and the johnnies and pretty much everything all tangled up, including a skyrocketing heart rate. But I got it done, albeit over a sink with a basin. And I feel much more like myself now.

So looking ahead I have a couple visitors, some more Ensure, a flu shot, and a whole ‘nother day in the life of an anorexic in the hospital ahead of me. Will keep everyone updated on the Lunch Loop of Hell Level Two. Much love 💜


2 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad, And the Johnnies

  1. I’m hearing the Em I know and love. Sarcasm at its finest! Ok, I’m not going to walk on eggshells anymore with you! You need sarcasm and laughter back in your life! Here it goes!

    Yesterday, My friend posted a pic on Facebook of her salad. I find food pics on FB annoying, so I was about to pass by it. However, she had taken a pic of a fork full of salad ready to go into her mouth, but it included a dead cricket! Yup! A cricket!!! Now, I’m willing to bet that you don’t have dead crickets (whole or puréed) in your supplements. So you see, your food actually is better than someone else’s right now!
    Love ya! Keep the positivity going!


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