Poetry for the Sleepless

“Stars in the sky and lights in her eyes

They both dim as she starts to cry

Heart torn and bleeding, soul rent in two

She wanders in the dark not knowing what to do

There are whispers in her ears and shadows in her head

Down a deep dark abyss is where she’s been led

A desperate cry for help escapes past her lips

And she cowers backwards at the crack of a whip

That lashes out to remind her trying is wrong

And that she is broken, powerless, and not strong

Others insist she is beautiful and far from weak

Her heart truly aches with the desire to believe 

To look in the mirror and see reflected there

Someone courageous and brave, with an unwavering stare

That’s defiant and fierce, resilient and bright

So that she shines enough to restore her lost light

Maybe someday she’ll gaze up at the night sky and see

A hand extended out, offering to help her fly

This I wish most desperately; for I am her

And she is me.”






One thought on “Poetry for the Sleepless

  1. Beautiful poem. KNOW that no other person will be able to give you what you long to hear and believe until you’ve learned to give it to yourself first. The hand that you want to see reaching down from the sky is patiently waiting within you. I sent you the devoted to me package. Read the words that belong to each and everyone of us and you will see that what you are searching for has been within you all along.

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